I downloaded drivers for my old aiptek cam, so i guess i have a webcam now. 90s, here i come!

Sunday, November 30, 2003


This is not funny. This might be useful.
This is the cheaper version.

Friday, November 28, 2003


So, I just came home from my grandmothers funeral. It was as funny as a funeral gets. There were about 40 people; more than I expected. As the pastor told neat little stories about a man called Jesus (must be some kind of superhero celebrity), and a man called god (the father of that Jesus guy), I thought about random things about my grandmother.
Then they started to pray, which was kinda bizarre for me. But what really freaked me out was when they started to SING! It was more like an episode of Lexx. I worship His divine shadow!

When my time comes, I don't want that stuff.
I'd rather DIE than having a christian funeral!

Also funny was the big candle with that hilarious picture on it: A cartoon-like cloud with an even more cartoonish big hand coming out of it. Matt Groening watch out!

I feel kinda sorry that I wasn't able to comfort my father, but I am just not the right man for that job. And I didn't cry at all. Instead, I had problems not so smile! Not because I think that a funeral is a funny thing, but because I was thinking about all the little episodes from my grandmothers life. How she cooked the most disgusting food known to mankind for me. And how she made me go mad everytime I met her. If her life had been a sitcom, it would beat the pants off the "Golden Girls". I will miss her.

I feel exhausted now and will go to bed for 1-2 hours.

Doctor, i'm crazy! 

Bill is crazy. But she is completely mad!

Thursday, November 27, 2003

Michael Jackson and Uri Geller! 

Uri Geller, the man who invented the trick with the spoon ages before matrix hit the cinemas, defends Michael Jackson! Read about it on the Uri Geller site here. And this is why.

girl on the copier 

a girl sitting on a copier is not that remarkable. what makes it kinda weird is the fact they put up a complete site about that tv spot.www.girlonthecopier.nl

Wednesday, November 26, 2003


I strongly recommend listening to the tracks on this site. Creature Funk!

hello world 

first post. dozens of monsters here. beatnik monsters here.

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